The Moda Philosophy

MODA Hardwood Flooring features superior quality wood floors which illuminate the vision of architects and designers by offering an unmatched selection of domestic and exotic species. Specializing in the manufacturing of custom hardwood flooring to your precise specifications, MODA carefully tracks every stage of production to ensure your order will exceed your expectations. Choose your species and create your own color, texture and finish. With MODA the possibilities are endless!



Wood types

Solid: No additives! Solid wood through and through.

Engineered: Solid wood veneer; thick- at least 1/4" thick- as compared to other engineered products (1/8" or less). The outermost is a hardwood veneer of the species you desire. The inner layers are made of plywood or another hardwood. The layered core of engineered hardwood makes the product more stable than regular hardwood, while the outer veneer surface adds beauty and authenticity.

Unfinished: Solid or engineered; in its natural state, no stain or paint.

Prefinished: Solid or engineered; finished in your choice of a particular paint, or stain.

Custom: Solid or engineered; the choice is yours! Choose a clear grade (no lines, marks, knots) or try a different grade with lots of weathering, lines, marks or knots, textured, hand-scraped, chiseled edges and more!